Words with Future Islands

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Opening night at Whartscape, and Future Islands was about to play a rare acoustic set. They had only performed their songs acoustic once before, at an art gallery earlier that… Read More

Bring Your Own Brunch to the Annex

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As CMJ’s annual showcase solidifies this week, bands are flocking to the East Coast for a shot at wider recognition. Bands are coming from all over, making pit stops along… Read More

Prince Rama Play Ottobar and Release New Album

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Tickets went quick for last Sunday’s show at the Ottobar once Animal Collective fans caught wind that two core members of the group were putting on a show. Deakin (Josh… Read More

Whartscape 2010 Wrap Up


We gave you a good amount of tease leading up to Whartscape a couple of weeks back, and after a great whirlwind of a weekend, contributor Marian McLaughlin has compiled… Read More

Hume Releases 'Penumbra' at Everlasting Life

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As July ends and August begins, local band Hume moves into a transitional state. They spent their winter writing new material and working on recording their new EP, Penumbra. Besides that, they’ve… Read More

Friends Records Unveils Cassette Releases For Whartscape

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Whartscape’s expansive lineup this year is all the more impressive when considering it’s an independent music festival coordinated mostly by Baltimore artists, musicians and volunteers. Some have been on tour,… Read More

Final Whartscape Kicks Off With a Massive Line Up

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Simply taking a look at the Whartscape 2010 lineup on Wham City’s homepage feels like a sensory overload. Four straight days of music, this weekend, from July 22 to July… Read More