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America Hearts


It’s been nearly a year since Jess Matthews emerged with Fond Regards, the debut EP from her solo project, America Hearts. Simple and catchy, the EP introduced us to Jess’… Read More

Recap: Thee Silver Mount Zion + Deleted Scenes

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A towering collection of amps stacked on crates and metal cases formed a semi-circle around the perimeters of the Black Cat’s stage, enclosing Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra into… Read More

Recap: Black Telephone & Friends

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Handmade paper masks greeted the guests who attended the house show at The Lodge early last Saturday evening, May 15, to witness the debut performance of Black Telephone, featuring ex-Surge… Read More

Wild Moccasins


Just over a month ago, the Houston-based Wild Moccasins kicked off their big tour in support of their upcoming album, Skin Collision Past. A fixture in their native scene, the… Read More


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On Tuesday, April 20, Sebastian Krueger (aka Inlets) unleashes to the world his debut album, Inter Arbiter. Picking up where his 2006 EP, Vestibule, left off, Krueger has spent the last few years slowly… Read More

Wye Oak


On their last visit to town, Baltimore’s Wye Oak played to a packed room at the Black Cat. The duo–comprised of Andy Stack on drums and synths, and Jenn Wasner… Read More

Inlets Premieres "Bright Orange Air"

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February’s snow was annoying for a number of reasons, not least of which being all the shows that ended up getting canceled. And unfortunately, Inlets‘ DC date was a casualty… Read More


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Last month, as the majority of the east coast was busy digging themselves out of the snow drifts, Swedish folk-pop duo Fredrik landed upon our shores and embarked on a… Read More

Interview: Andy Cabic of Vetiver


Seeing Vetiver at IOTA for me will always recall the first time I ever saw them live, back in 2004. Back then, Andy Cabic and his band came to IOTA… Read More

Child Ballads

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On Saturday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel, Stewart Lupton — the Icarus of D.C. rock mythology — took a look back at his career thus far, and said it was good. Then he resolved to keep pushing forward as a musician and poet, and as Lex Paulson began chiming in with a familiar tune from his Wurlitzer, Lupton began singing “We Gamble With Our Lives,” whose introductory lyrics reference Marion Barry’s infamous hotel room sting.

The Antlers


The Antlers debut full length, Hospice, came out of 2 years of meticulous home recordings. Originally concieved as a solo project by front man Peter Silberman, the record establishes a… Read More