Marquis: "Smoke and Mirrors"


We swear. Outputmessage is not a machine. He just works like one. Amidst all of his recent releases, Bernard Farley answered a challenge from our friends at More Or Less… Read More

Marquis: "Rain & Shine"

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In case none of you have heard, last month’s Marquis ran into a bit of trouble. We were notified the same day that the venue had to be shut down.… Read More

Marquis: "Lions & Lambs"


The time has come, yet again, for us to celebrate with our monthly, Marquis. This time around, we are featuring six producer/dj’s who will be pairing up to have a… Read More

Swedish Columbia Release Party

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Marquis returns this Friday at Red Lounge. This time, however, we are celebrating multiple releases from the Swedish Columbia roster (BMK, Jonathan Kreinik, Triobelisk, and Outputmessage). And what better way… Read More

Ringing In The New Year With Marquis 2.0

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We here, at All Our Noise, find ourselves very excited for the coming year. Over the last couple of months we’ve worked at revamping our monthly DJ night, Marquis, and are particularly amped about unveiling these updates.

My Bloody Heart’s On Fire

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Last Thursdays at Marquis gets to be a bit fun for me, Triobelisk, and Outputmessage. We get to try out some new tunes we’ve been working on for the dancefloor, and this past Thursday was no exception.