Hume Releases 'Penumbra' at Everlasting Life

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As July ends and August begins, local band Hume moves into a transitional state. They spent their winter writing new material and working on recording their new EP, Penumbra. Besides that, they’ve… Read More

Barbaric Cannons Rip the Earth at the Hands of Salome and Jucifer

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Like needy health organizations in third world countries, awaiting contraception under the Bush administration, denizens of the district sit with baited breath for the hope of any band harder than those supporting ipod sales, to roll through. Fortunately, last Monday, just such a diamond, (of the King sort), surfaced up from the dirt.

The Abused and Neglected Finally Have Their Day: Orphan and Child Abuse at Black Cat

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After a long and eventful weekend, which was taking a hearty toll on my constitution, there were few and far between things that could have drug me out of recovery and into a blustery Sunday evening. The Brooklyn concrete gritted band Orphan, however, was on that very short list. And with the promise of seeing spastic noise grinders Child Abuse as well, it was more than a done deal.

Julie Doiron + Herman Dune


Last week was jam packed with great shows–Kurt Vile, Tickley Feather, Talk Normal, Thao Nguyen, Le Loup, X.O., Real Estate, and a bunch of others. DC9 hosted one of the… Read More

Interview: Yoni Wolf/Why?

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The songs on Why?‘s newest album, Eskimo Snow, might have from come out of the same sessions that birthed 2007′s Alopecia, but this moodier effort seems to dwell on more… Read More

Edie Sedgwick

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Andy Warhol remains one of the most important artists of the 20th century for his body of work, his influence on art and commerce, and his cultural philosophies, giving a… Read More

Frodus ‘Escape Plan’

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Over the last few months, those of us who never had the opportunity to experience Frodus the first time around have gotten another chance. Sparked by a convergence of events… Read More

A Visit from the Freeze’n North

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Seldom does one venture into Adams Morgan after ten on a Saturday looking for anything other than trouble, but last week I was invited to a unique music and art celebration at Affinity Lab, a cooperative space for creatives above The Diner.

These United States

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These United States are a band of nomadic travelers led by songweaver Jesse Elliot. Through a blend of folk, pop, rock and electronic accents, their debut album — A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden — makes a major statement in showcasing the talent at hand, and features performances by many of the best musicians DC has to offer.