The Chapin Sisters

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Despite coming from such a musical family, the Chapin Sisters haven’t always planned on following in the footsteps of their famous kin. As the daughters and nieces of singer-songwriters Tom… Read More

America Hearts


It’s been nearly a year since Jess Matthews emerged with Fond Regards, the debut EP from her solo project, America Hearts. Simple and catchy, the EP introduced us to Jess’… Read More

Sharon Van Etten


If you are not yet familiar with the music of Sharon Van Etten, now is a good time to jump onboard. The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter creates a music that bathes you… Read More

Lou Barlow

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For a musician as prolific as Lou Barlow, it might seem a little funny at first that he has only two albums under his name, but the fact remains that he’s… Read More

Pocahaunted: Live In D.C.


A couple weeks ago, Pocahaunted descended upon our District during their tour of the east coast . As the band took to the front of the room at DC9, the… Read More

Jessica Lea Mayfield: Live in D.C.

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Jessica Lea Mayfield’s 2008 debut, With Blasphemy So Heartfelt is one of those rare albums that is able to successfully stretch so much out of so little. A generally sparse… Read More

Recap: Thee Silver Mount Zion + Deleted Scenes

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A towering collection of amps stacked on crates and metal cases formed a semi-circle around the perimeters of the Black Cat’s stage, enclosing Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra into… Read More

Recap: Black Telephone & Friends

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Handmade paper masks greeted the guests who attended the house show at The Lodge early last Saturday evening, May 15, to witness the debut performance of Black Telephone, featuring ex-Surge… Read More

Wild Moccasins


Just over a month ago, the Houston-based Wild Moccasins kicked off their big tour in support of their upcoming album, Skin Collision Past. A fixture in their native scene, the… Read More

Recap // AON Presents: Volume


If it wasn’t for the telltale black balloons hanging outside a Columbia Heights alleyway, you might not have been able to find Paper Sun — a two-story warehouse/art space where… Read More

Sharon Van Etten: Live at Black Cat


After leaving Nashville behind, a situation that proved hostile to her creativity, and emerging in Brooklyn, Sharon and her guitar have since found an enviroment much more conducive to her… Read More

Music for Creatives

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According to the 99%, “In a recent 99% survey, the No. 1 way to deal with stress was to put on some music.” We tend to agree, and what’s better… Read More