Light Pollution

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With much of Carpark’s roster trading in lo-fi, dream pop– bands like like Beach House, Toro Y Moi, Tickley Feather, and even Dan Deacon defining the more melodious side of… Read More



With so many bands today coming out of absolutely nowhere and sweeping the attention of the blogosphere, it’s pretty refreshing when you come across an act that is taking the… Read More

Pash: Down for the Last Time

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Video Preview: Paul Michel, "Statues"

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A few months back, Paul Michel invited us to the set of the video shoot for the lead single off of his upcoming full length. The album, JUNE, will be out… Read More

Revisit: AON Showcase at Velvet Lounge

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We cannot thank you guys enough for coming out to our show last Wednesday. The bands were great: Typefighter warmed our hearts with new songs and familiar favorites (I’m still partial to “Ocean Floor” and “Out In The Yard”), Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray kept things fun and folky, and even threw a Tom Petty cover into the mix, and Child Ballads.

On Set: Paul Michel, "Surround Me"


Paul Michel has been a steady fixture in the DC music scene over the last decade. Having played in bands such as The Out_Circuit, The Hard Tomorrows, and Georgie James among others, and for most of that time, a solo artist in his own right. I’ve known Paul for just as long, sharing many mutual friends and the undergrad experience in Blacksburg, Va.

The Antlers


The Antlers debut full length, Hospice, came out of 2 years of meticulous home recordings. Originally concieved as a solo project by front man Peter Silberman, the record establishes a… Read More

Fffever: "Gold Leaf" EP Release Show

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So check it, our friends in Fffever have been working their asses off in the studio on the eponymous Gold Leaf EP, which gets its er… eponym from the studio/art… Read More

"AON Presents" at Capital Fringe Festival

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The Capital Fringe Festival was gracious enough to offer us a chance to put together a show of our very own! So we’ve recruited some of our more musically-inclined friends… Read More

U.S. Royalty Release "Rats" Music Video

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Last night the perpetual band on the run that is our friends in U.S. Royalty released the video for “Rats” in the very mansion it was filmed in. The video… Read More



Upon first sight, Alex Clarke and Justin Rodermond of Fffever may look like they belong to a different era entirely. Perhaps they were born in the wrong decade, as much… Read More

Harness Your Hopes: Pavement "Brighten The Corners" Nicene Creedence Edition


By 1997, both myself and the members of Pavement were just about over the “hype.” Well maybe myself more than they, after seeing the band’s brief and bizarre appearances on stadium JumboTrons and Music Televisions disappear as quickly as they came.