Recap: Volume 3

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Back in April, All Our Noise relaunched our newly rebranded and redesigned site, and we invited all of our friends to come out and celebrate.

52 O Welcomes Cloud Becomes Your Hand

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The Brooklyn quartet brings their improvisation and meticulously orchestrated cacophony to Bloomingdale.

Sun Wolf Howls at Monsterrat House

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Frontman Rob Tifford throws his weight behind this garagey lo-fi indie rock outfit, where he assumes vocal and guitar duties. Backed by Tom and Danny on bass and drums, respectively,… Read More

A Quick Chat with Gull

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Just a few weeks ago, Nathaniel Rappole was at local venue Hole in the Sky, setting up his merch of individualized silk-screen shirts. He also put out a huge bag… Read More

Sockets Records Showcase Returns To Black Cat


What lured me into D.C.? Live music. But to be more specific? Sockets Records. Ever since I dated a ticket-scalper’s son in high school, I fell in love with live… Read More

Lighting Bolt and the Buildings Guitar Orchestra

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Within minutes of Lightning Bolt’s vociferous sound check, anyone within earshot of DC 9’s intimate stage and without earplugs already had wild eyes, with their hands clasped against their ears. “How… Read More

Imperial China Has A Posse

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Anyone that still feels unconvinced about DC’s growing music scene will put their doubts to rest Friday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel.  A solid lineup of four DC-area… Read More

The Swansong That Breathes Life


Oddly enough, one of the more influential music venues in DC as of late, isn’t a music venue at all. Catalyzed by long time DC music go-to, Collin Crowe (who incidentally is… Read More



If you’ve seen Buildings (or BLDGS) live, you know how much their shows can feel like spiritual experience. When the lights fall, the trippy projections provide the visual aid as… Read More

Imperial China


For any band coming out of DC that makes harder, punk inspired music, it’s a basic fact that they will garner comparisons to Fugazi. With the immense impact the band… Read More


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One of the cultural dilemmas that we have here in DC is the lack of venues that cater to fringe and left-field acts. Often times small pockets of people gather to turn group houses, community centers and even coffee shops into outlets for these types of bands.