Cuddle Magic: Chamber Music Songwriting Collective

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The Brooklyn chamber ensemble discuss their origins and finding inspiration in death.

Crinkles For What Ails You

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Brooklyn’s Crinkles debuts a new video, an upcoming album and kicks off tour with SoftSpot.

Pepi Ginsberg’s "Tornado"

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This week, Brooklyn songstress Pepi Gingberg released a video for the track, “Tornado.” The single comes from her latest effort, the Yes City EP from earlier this year, out now… Read More

Beach Fossils


Back-To-School signs are slowly starting to crowd us as a young August begins to gain its footing. And as we enter this final stretch of summer, some of us are… Read More

365 Days of Music

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About 4 months ago, Emily Hope Price started an ambitious effort she’s calling the 365 Project. From January 4th, 2010 until just after 2011, she will be writing, recording, and posting… Read More

Sharon Van Etten: Live at Black Cat


After leaving Nashville behind, a situation that proved hostile to her creativity, and emerging in Brooklyn, Sharon and her guitar have since found an enviroment much more conducive to her… Read More

Sharon Van Etten Live at Other Music Tent

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Currently on tour with Megafaun, Sharon Van Etten will be stopping through DC on Wednesday, playing the Black Cat. Above we have a teaser clip from one of her Austin… Read More

Inlets Premieres "Bright Orange Air"

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February’s snow was annoying for a number of reasons, not least of which being all the shows that ended up getting canceled. And unfortunately, Inlets‘ DC date was a casualty… Read More

The Groove That Just Won't Stop

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When Time Machine first dropped “Slow Your Roll” in 2004, many fans of throwback hip-hop sang the group’s praises; penning innovative songs like “Spelling Bee” and “Personal Ads (featuring Romen Rok),” the trio of Jayson, Comel, and DJ Mekalek hustled and flowed their way to the top of many “best of 2004″ hip-hop charts.