Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

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Watch Lady Lamb the Beekeeper as she wraps up her spring tour with a set at the Black Cat.

Mission of Burma at Black Cat

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Watch Mission of Burma perform “Second Television,” from their latest full length, live at the Black Cat.

The Make Up Reunited For A Special Performance

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A reunited Make Up gave a secret performance back in the spring at Comet. Catch them tonight at the Black Cat!

Collective Dreams Debut on the new Frau Eva album, ‘Underneath Eyelids’

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Frau Eva talks new album in advance of release show at Black Cat.

Sharon Van Etten Live at Black Cat

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Following the release of her third full length, Tramp, back in the autumn, Sharon hit the road on a headlining tour with Shearwater. Last Saturday, the tour brought her to… Read More

Surf City, "Crazy Rulers of the World"

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The New Zealand fuzz-poppers kicked off 2011 with the release of their debut full-length album, Kudos, on Fire Records, and a brief American tour with psych-rock label mates Bardo Pond.… Read More

Sockets Records Showcase Returns To Black Cat


What lured me into D.C.? Live music. But to be more specific? Sockets Records. Ever since I dated a ticket-scalper’s son in high school, I fell in love with live… Read More

Sharon Van Etten


If you are not yet familiar with the music of Sharon Van Etten, now is a good time to jump onboard. The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter creates a music that bathes you… Read More

SWANS Sonic Assault at Black Cat

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Have you ever gotten up close to a swan? They’re elegant creatures really, but they have no problem showing aggression if you come too close. The band Swans, led by… Read More

Bath's "Lovely Bloodflow"

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Having the first world luxury / unfortunate luck of two potentially great shows tonight, this writer promised his evening to his perennial band crush, Broken Social Scene, a commitment made… Read More

The Mercury Program Touches Back Down to Earth

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Last week saw the first DC performance in over five years from Florida’s nimble musical conjurers, The Mercury Program. Fans had been hoping against hope that the reality of their… Read More

Recap: Thee Silver Mount Zion + Deleted Scenes

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A towering collection of amps stacked on crates and metal cases formed a semi-circle around the perimeters of the Black Cat’s stage, enclosing Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra into… Read More