Supernova Performance Art ‘Big Bang’ Giveaway!


Win tickets to this weekend’s inaugural Supernova Performance Arts Festival’s Big Bang Party!

Giveaway: Searching For Sugarman


Now on DVD, win a prizepack that includes one of the best films released last year and other swag.

Prince Rama on the Eve of World’s End

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Celebrating the apocalypse at Comet Ping Pong, and the dawn of the “Now Age”

Film Giveaway: Neil Young’s “Journeys”


Neil Young and Jonathan Demme team up once again for their latest film collaboration, “Journeys.” Get your copy right here.

Light Asylum: Riding a Dark Wave

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The New York duo brings their sinister brand of industrial rave-punk to DC.

Crinkles For What Ails You

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Brooklyn’s Crinkles debuts a new video, an upcoming album and kicks off tour with SoftSpot.

On Busking and Getting Busted

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For locals, South by Southwest is as much of an invasion as Mardi Gras is in New Orleans.  “Spring Break, 2011!” visitors cry over the debauchery and decibels of Sixth… Read More

Let the Convergence Begin: Kicking Things Off at House of 88

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I was on my way to Texas, and I didn’t have a media pass, an official badge, a wristband, or a proper RSVP to any SXSW event. I didn’t have… Read More

Dustin Wong Shares His 'Infinite Love'

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Have you ever had a belonging so precious, that you called it your baby? Sometimes I hear people doing so, especially with their personal projects, like plays or albums. They’ve… Read More

Puerto Rico Flowers Murders a Final Performance


Reclusive, magnetic, downtrodden synth-project Puerto Rico Flowers made friends for the last time several weeks ago in the habiliments of Baltimore’s Talking Head, with full support from Screen Vinyl Image,… Read More

A Dose of 'Science and Advice' from the Armchairs

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“Could we call you back in a minute?” Andy of The Armchairs asked. “We’re buying tickets right now at the door for Deer Tick.” The boys from the Philly band… Read More

Baltimore Cozies Up to Soft Fest

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A little more than a week ago, a weekend-long colorful and creative universe nestled into the top level of a Baltimore warehouse space. Though music was Soft Fest’s main purpose,… Read More