Hume Releases 'Penumbra' at Everlasting Life

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As July ends and August begins, local band Hume moves into a transitional state. They spent their winter writing new material and working on recording their new EP, Penumbra. Besides that, they’ve… Read More

Lissy Rosemont Returns with ‘Jelly Roll’

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The Junior League Band, fronted by the sultry songstress Lissy Rosemont, is set to release Jelly Roll, the third full-length album on their label Beaver Records, July 16th at the Rock… Read More

Interviews from the Depths of Deathfest

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This year I was fortunate enough to attend America’s most important metal festival, Baltimore’s Maryland Deathfest. Hosted by Sonar, this annual metal Mecca brings new bands to prominence, rising stars… Read More

Interview: Kadman Gets Aggressive

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David Manchester of Baltimore’s Kadman is gearing up for an east coast tour of his new album, These Old Bones with shows at The Windup Space and Velvet Lounge. AON… Read More

Filling a Lost Prescription: Medications at the Black Cat

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Last Thursday saw the triumphant return of one of the last bastions of DC’s idle old guard. It has been several years since the solid district trio of medications has… Read More

Blessure Grave Brings Dark Cheer to SXSW

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Last night, Denman caught the Mishka/Chronic Youth showcase, Ov Cvrse, and sent home some footage of San Diego’s Blessure Grave. Afterwards, he got a chance to chat with Toby of Blessure… Read More

Fan Death Records: Trudging a Harder Path to a Deeper Integrity


Last week was filled to the brim, and indeed, overflowing with praise for Sockets Records as they celebrated five successful years and pushed on into the future. Even I took… Read More

From Independence to Community Through Music: Sockets Records


On a sleepy, rainy Sunday afternoon, I sat down with Sean Peoples, the creator and prime mover of thriving DC label, Sockets Records, to talk about that very same said… Read More

Barbaric Cannons Rip the Earth at the Hands of Salome and Jucifer

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Like needy health organizations in third world countries, awaiting contraception under the Bush administration, denizens of the district sit with baited breath for the hope of any band harder than those supporting ipod sales, to roll through. Fortunately, last Monday, just such a diamond, (of the King sort), surfaced up from the dirt.

Interview: Orphan


Orphan is one of those bands I never tire of seeing. They aren’t breaking the mold, but they are coming out of it with a little more color, (or a lot less depending on how you look at it).

Interview: Yoni Wolf/Why?

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The songs on Why?‘s newest album, Eskimo Snow, might have from come out of the same sessions that birthed 2007′s Alopecia, but this moodier effort seems to dwell on more… Read More