Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

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Songwriter Aly Spaltro has long been accustomed to rolling solo when it comes to her craft. During her days in Brunswick, Maine a few years back, she began writing tunes in secret. She’d stay after hours in the basement of the video store she worked at, penning songs that would ultimately become a part of her debut album, Ripley Pine, released this past February on Ba Da Bing Records.

When it came time to record the album Aly saw some of the songs which were originally conceived of as solo pieces, evolve into more epic sounding arrangements. And her tour this past May in support of the album, featured Lady Lamb The Beekeeper as a 4-piece band, rather than simply a solo effort.

We caught Lady Lamb The Beekeeper during their last stop on the tour, at the Black Cat, and captured some of their set here for you.


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