Companion Live at Comet

Author: Raul

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This week marks the release of Companion‘s self-titled debut album. The band has to now had a strong lead up to the release through a gang of live shows, a feature on MTV Hive, and the video for their first single, “20th Century Crime” premiering on Stereogum. Back in the fall, we had the pleasure of hosting the band at Comet Ping Pong and having them headline an installment of AON Presents.

Fronted by singer Pepi Ginsberg, whose prior solo work had been characterized by a strong vocal presence and storytelling style that has drawn comparisons to Neko Case and Cat Power, she carries some of that vibe over to Companion. But these songs do depart from her previous venture somewhat by incorporating a more lush sound that features layered vocal harmonies, co-written by bandmantes Anna Thorngate and Amy Carrigan (enlisted from the Brooklyn Ladies Choir), and introduces beats and some electronic elements.

Companion’s s/t album is available February 5

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