Giveaway: Searching For Sugarman

Author: Raul


One of the best movies of last year came in the form of Searching for Sugarman, a masterful account of the two South African fans who committed to tracking down the truth about their long lost musical hero, Sixto Rodriguez.

Back in the 70s, Rodriguez released two great albums that came and went. And while he subsequently fell deep into anonymity, unbeknownst to him, his records had somehow made their way to South Africa where his music made him a pop icon.

The film was released today for purchase
, and we’re giving away a special prize pack that includes a DVD copy of the film, CD soundtrack, and a Sugarman T-shirt. All you have to do is let us know who your favorite example of an artist who should have blown up but for whatever reason never did.  Leave your answers in the comments!


  1. xtianDC

    Love the two Rodriguez albums and looking forward to finally watching the film.

    As the risk of providing an incredibly trite answer, I’m going with Nick Drake. His talent was otherworldly and the posthumous validation of that talent truly demonstrates how much luck and circumstance dictate fame.

  2. William Elliot Whitmore!

  3. Michael Hurley! or Connie Converse!

  4. Sean

    Bros. IT’S KAREN DALTON, duh.

  5. Robert Hammond

    Judee Sill. I kept thinking of the similarities between the two of them. She released 2 albums, and started demos for a third, but poor album sales caused her to be dropped from her label. She fell back heavy into drugs and died of an overdose within a few years. She wrote hits fot The Turtles and The Hollies, but most of her material has gone underappreciated, but several musicians have championed her genius in recent years (Fleet Foxes, Rachel Yanagata) her story has a less rthan happy ending, but she has left 2 studio albums worth of folk pop tunes that stand out as unique and honest and confounding.

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