Frankie Rose Live at Rock and Roll Hotel

Author: Raul

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During her final tour this fall for her latest album, Interstellar, Frankie and her band performed an excellent set for us in the District. This would be one of her last performances for a while before heading back home for an extended period.

Interstellar’s big, synth-pop sound, presented a distinct evolution from her debut album, Frankie Rose & the Outs, and from some of the other projects she’s been involved in, like Dum Dums, Vivians, or Crystal Stilts. But as for what’s next, that is still up in the air.

As Frankie puts it, “I know I want to make a record, but…the thing that’s different about right now is that I’m not sure what kind of record I want to make.” But at the same time, she’s not feeling any immediate pressure at the moment, and she doesn’t want to make a rush into anything just because. “I think anytime you start making something because you feel like you have to, that’s not going to produce anything anyone wants to hear.”

Watch as Frankie Rose runs through some highlights from Interstellar, including “Know Me,” “Gospel/Grace,” “Night Swim.”

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