Companion, “20th Century Crime”

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The first video off of Companion‘s self-titled debut hit the web this week, with some love from Stereogum which hosted the premiere.  The video was directed by Alec Sutherland, who has helmed clips for lead singer Pepi Ginsberg on her solo venture, as well as by Maybach Music’s Stalley.

The album doesn’t officially hit the street until February, but you can cop the single at iTunes right now.

Pepi’s strong vocals and storytelling style have drawn comparisons to Neko Case and Catpower, and she carries some of that vibe over to Companion. But these songs do depart from her solo venture somewhat by incorporating a more lush sound that features layered vocal harmonies, co-written by bandmantes Anna Thorngate and Amy Carrigan (enlisted from the Brooklyn Ladies Choir), and introduces beats and some electronic elements.

Track List for the upcoming album below.

1. 20th Century Crime
2. Out of Control and Wasted On Youth
3. All That I Want
4. Only
5. My Country, Your USA
6. No Kid/Blast
7. Homegirl
8. Swimming/Wave
9. Blue Movie
10. New Age/Real Change

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