La Sera Live at Red Palace

Author: Raul

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Katy Goodman was mostly known as the bassist from Vivian Girls, but at this point, her own project La Sera has established a presence firmly on its own. Last year’s self debut started off in a basement, recorded over a two week period with very little intention for escape beyond that setting. Luckily that plan failed, and the songs were ultimately rerecorded and released.

This time around, the process was much more deliberate. This set of songs evolved over the course of a year, and Sees the Light was recorded with a full band. “I knew the album would be an album, so I worked extra hard. Whereas the first album I didn’t think anyone would hear the songs, ever,” Katy says. So while the songs on the first record just sort of flowed out of her in short order, and written with stream of consciousness lyrics, she says that she spent a lot more time on each track this time around. Noting that “it’s hard sometimes for an artist to edit themselves, to veto parts that they’ve written.”

La Sera started a new tour this month, and return to DC on Saturday, October 20th.

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