The Dirty Three

Author: Raul

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Since the Dirty Three formed two decades ago, the Australian trio of Warren Ellis, Jim White and Mick Turner have managed to maintain a consistently interesting and varied sound from their minimal components. On their 2005 album, Cinder, we saw the band step out of their normal bounds and introduce new elements to their formula, with shorter songs, more varied instrumentation, and even vocals.

But it would be seven years before the band released a follow up to the album, with this year’s Toward the Low Sun. We spoke to Warren Ellis recently after show at Sixth & I Synagogue.  The intention for the band has always been to work with in the limitations of the three piece, and their primary instruments.

However, after a number of fits and starts during those seven years, new material for the band was just not coming together. While that period was probably the most busy creative time of his life–working on projects such as Grinderman, The Bad Seeds, and composing numerous film soundtracks along with Nick Cave–Somewhere along the way, Warren states, he’d lost the narrative of his main group.

Warren went on to discuss with us how the Dirty Three were able to reconnect to their original mission and find their way back, working with the band for 20 years, and his thoughts on Coldplay.


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