Film Giveaway: Neil Young’s “Journeys”

Author: Raul


In May of last year, Neil Young packed up a 1956 Crown Victoria and traveled from his home in Ontario to finish the last two nights of his solo world tour at Massey Hall in Toronto. Filmmaker and collaborator Jonathan Demme came along for the ride, and documented these last two shows, which more or less revisited a classic concert performed by Young at the same venue more than 40 years ago. That original set was recorded and released only a few years ago, though unfortunately wasn’t filmed. Luckily this time around, Demme made sure that didn’t happen again.

This latest film, Journeys, includes full performances from the concernts, but also features several great stories and witty moments from the drive into town. The pair have collaborated on a couple of other films, including Heart of Gold and most recently 2009′s  The Neil Young Trunk Show.

You can order the film now on Blu-Ray or DVD, or, you can get a copy for free from us. Just tell us in the comments, what your favorite Neil Young associated memory has been, preferably an impactful moment or time from your own life that you somehow associate with Neil Young’s music. Make sure you leave your email address, so we can contact the winner next week.



  1. leda

    When a loved one passed away recently, Neil Young’s music helped get me through some tough moments. Specifically, I played “Helpless” over and over. Thanks, Neil.♥

  2. Learning how to play his songs on guitar.

  3. steve weber

    I saw Neil Young at the 25th anniversary at Farm Aid. in Milwaukee WI.. I broke up with my girlfriend a few days later.. I didn’t even care because it was such an amazing performance from Neil Young

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