The Make Up Reunited For A Special Performance

Author: Raul

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On Saturday, May 19th, Comet Ping Pong hosted the Kid Congo Power Hour with newcomers Garbage Zone opening up the evening. Not a lot was known about the first band going into the evening, but once things kicked off the very familiar faces in the line-up tore through some familiar tunes. As they put it, “we’re a tribute group. We do songs by our favorite Washington, D.C. artists.” And deliver on that promise they did. But, as it turns out, this band of newcomers were actually a reunited Make Up, and were testing the waters in advance of their first official gig at ATP London.

A last minute shoot, but certainly a set worth capturing. Ian Svenonius was in classic form, silent scream in tow. Flanked by James Canty and Michelle Mae, and backed by Mark Cisneros on drums. The band paid an honest tribute to a classic catalog of gospel yeh-yeh tunes with a performance that, for the evening, turned the clock back twelve years to the last time these songs had been played live.

Tonight, the band plays their first official domestic show as The Make Up at the Black Cat.

Additionally, Portland imprint M’Lady records have made available a special reissue of “I Want Some,” newly remastered and presented in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

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