Calvin Johnson Live at Meeps

Author: Raul


To accompany their recently released 2012 music issue, The Believer has included a special limited edition cassette compilation, Love Songs for Lamps, curated by the inimitable Calvin Johnson. Songs were chosen from a range of artists who currently have cassette only releases, and were handpicked by Johnson.

The Believer cassette release tour touched down in D.C. at the newly reopened Meeps vintage clothing store in Adams Morgan. In addition to Calvin’s headlining set, featured excellent performances from Priests and Laura Lief & APB. A couple of songs from Calvin’s set above.

You can order a copy of the latest issue and cassette right here.


  1. gerrie

    Katie & The Lichen did not play this show. You obviously showed up for Calvin Johnson’s set and none of the rest (how unusual) but the openers were awesome. very non-typical for the dc scene. anyway, pay more attention

  2. gerrie

    old night didn’t play either…. get better footnotes

  3. Raul

    Thanks for the correction gerrie, duly noted and much appreciated. I actually was in fact there for Laura Lief and loved it, and have seen Priests a few times. I referred to an earlier listing of the show and figured that I might have missed more than I had, hence the error. But please do feel free to get in touch about shows you recommend. We’re doing this on our own time for the love of the music, but can’t necessarily be everywhere and cover everything all the time, as you might imagine.

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