The Presets “Youth in Trouble”

Author: Victor

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Directed by multi-disciplinary artist and musician Yoshi Sodeoka, The Presets’ newest music video is a wild swirl of found footage and seemingly drug-induced visions.

Disorienting to say the least, the constantly shifting bands of color interwoven with increasingly disjointed scenes of well, a lot of random stuff, form a sort of wrecked collage of pixels that’s been put thru a Blendtec.   Like a hallucinatory, visual quicksand,  the “subjects” of the video continually morph and collapse into one another, merging with digital artifacts that repeat and regress in a kaleidoscope of RGB and lo-fidelity assemblage.

Check out the video above and experience the trippy, acid-like experience for yourself, (only without the acid).  (Pro-tip: watch it in fullscreen 1080p HD if your internet connection allows.  It’s bonkers.)

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