Interview: Plants and Animals

Author: Raul

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A few years ago, we were introduced to Montreal exports Plants and Animals, with their debut release, Parc Avenue. That excellent record came out somewhat under the radar, but was rather well received with its mix of classic rock riffs & acoustic psych folk jams.

Earlier this year, the band released their latest album, The End of That, and hit the road in support. The band aimed for a more straight ahead effort than their previous releases in terms of the recording process, eschewing overdubs and layers and instead choosing to capture more of a live feel in the studio this go round. As drummer-vocalist Matthew Woody Woodley put it, “we tried to capture us off the floor…it was really to try and give the listener the impression that they were in the room with us, listening to us very directly. This [album] is very honest, and upfront.”

We caught the band at the Red Palace as they were passing through town, and had the chance to sit down with Woody backstage for a bit to talk about the band and the new album.

Check out the Engelbert Humperdinck inspired video for the album’s title track below:

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