P.G. Six: Live at DC9

Author: Raul

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Earlier this month, New York’s P.G. Six brought their rambling country-tinged folk rock jams to DC. With a the opening act cancelling at the last minute, the show ended up being an evening with P.G. Six, and the quartet played to an intimate and intent crowd.

The band played a few songs from their latest album, Starry Mind during the evening’s set. “Days Hang Heavy” and “Take Me Down,” two songs from the new album, are featured in the clip above.

P.G Six is largely the solo effort of Pat Gubler, a founding member of the excellent experimental/noise outfit Tower Recordings. Gubler’s work as P.G. Six references a wide range of influences, from country rock to 60s British folk.

Starry Mind is Gubler’s fourth album as P.G. Six. Gubler’s current project finds him steering away from the more experimental work of his earlier days, and the fuller instrumentation and song structure lends itself to a much more accessible set of songs.

Starry Mind is available now from Drag City.

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