Sun Wolf Howls at Monsterrat House

Author: Raul

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Frontman Rob Tifford throws his weight behind this garagey lo-fi indie rock outfit, where he assumes vocal and guitar duties. Backed by Tom and Danny on bass and drums, respectively, Sun Wolf cranks up the energy during their live sets. Currently working on a full-length, we caught them not long ago at the Montserrat House thrashing about.

When not DJing or spreading good vibes throughout the city, Tifford could previously be seen pulling strings on stage for DC semi-supergroup Midnight Kids (who we still miss) alongside members of the Apes, Heavy Breathing, Thievery, and GoGoGo Airheart. Former head siren of Midnight Kids, Loulou, may join Sun Wolf for a song or two hopefully, as she did at the last performance.

This Saturday, the band helps fill out a bill celebrating AON’s rebranding and relaunch, with performances from AON alumni, experimental improvisers The Plums. Additionally, the bill will also feature the instrumental post rock of Buildings, who we’ve also featured previously, and who are responsible for releasing one of our favorite albums of the year, Everything In Parallel, which you can stream and buy here.

Check out the above clip for a taste of Sun Wolf’s energy, including an amazing rebound by Tifford as he plummets backwards from the stage and yet never misses a beat. And come join us on Saturday, at one of our favorite DC venues to help us celebrate, and enjoy an evening of great music from some of our favorite bands.

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