‘I Think She Ready’ – Come for the music video, stay for the shopping

Author: Victor

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Online luxury-clothing retailer SSENSE today premiered what it’s calling the “WORLD’S FIRST INTERACTIVE SHOPPABLE MUSIC VIDEO” (uppercase theirs).  While the above claim remains more or less unverifiable, I sat thru the video earlier today and can in fact attest to its “shoppability”.  Whether or not it makes for a pleasant experience is another question entirely.

Not to get too in the weeds, but I’m still on the fence as to the value of this sort of “media-merging.”  I would argue that video-watching at its best is an immersive experience.  At times fleeting, sure and often tantamount to mindless distraction, definitely– but the act of watching necessarily invokes a measure of passiveness, of submission.  Conversely, online shopping (for me anyway) is a somewhat active, targeted ritual.  Put the two together and you get a sort of clunky mash-up of both, that really doesn’t do justice to either activity.

Of course, this is all to say that the video is not bad by any means.  In fact it’s quite respectable.  Easy on the eyes, Iggy Azalea manages to own every frame she’s in, all the while sounding like a female version of Yelawolf, or perhaps his capable kid sister (if he had one that rapped).  Austere camera-work, tight editing and a smoke machine?  Really it’s just the ‘shoppable’ layer of the experience that doesn’t quite measure up.  (The wireWAX-powered prompts to “SHOP THIS LOOK” are incessant, for one). But apart from its shortcomings, SSENSE’s multi-media collab shows us a modern business continuing to blur the lines between entertainment and commerce, which is at the very least, a sign of the times. It’s not mind-blowing, but hey it’s a decent effort. (See: value propositionsynergy, new breed).

At any rate, take the video for a spin and we’ll let you be the judge.  Or, watch it widescreen in its original context right here.

(On a sidenote, SSENSE definitely murked it on the fashion. Sorry, $3k Givenchy convertible leather jacket, but I may have to cop these $1,100 Rick Owens kicks instead.  Or maybe I’ll setttle for this (really) dope Margiela bracelet. Great styling all around and the lively Los Angeles backdrop doesn’t hurt one bit.)

One Comment

  1. Raul

    Raf Simons, Rick Owens usually what i’m dressed in…

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