Backstage with Perfume Genius

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Singer & songwriter Mike Hadreas started writing songs a few years back during a self-imposed recovery period, after he quit partying and made the effort to sober up. Writing intimate piano compositions and singing into a webcam microphone, he assembled the collection of tunes that would ultimately become his first album, Learning.

For his latest album, Put Your Back N 2 It, he made the decision to take his songs into the studio—a dramatic shift from the process of producing the first album, which after having lost the original recordings was mastered from MP3′s ripped from YouTube clips. This time around, the recording process was a decidedly more legitimage affair, and saw Hadreas working with a couple of producers in both his home town of Seattle and Bristol, England.

Hadreas recently played a stellar set at IOTA, and took some time to chat with us for a few before the show. He talked a bit about the evolution of Perfume Genius and the process of recording the latest album. On Put Your Back N 2 It, Hadreas benefitted from his time engaging his surroundings. “I finally managed to get out of my head more,” says Hadreas. “And as I got out in the world more, I realized that my problems aren’t very unique, and that’s a very comforting thing to know.”

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