The Million Man Tire Explosion with Diane Cluck

Author: Raul


A discussion about the evolution of the District’s music scene through the decades will likely at some point touch upon the numerous DIY spaces that have hosted countless shows featuring new and established bands alike. These days however, it seems the discussion seems to be most often about how rare and shortlived these spaces are anymore. While there are still many unofficial venues still hosting shows, they often tend to evaporate after just a handful of attempts.

Enter Hume’s Britton Powell, a man who’s commitment to the DIY space runs deep. Kicking off the summer, Powell hosted a one-off, mini-festival of sorts at the Million Man Tire shop on Georgia Avenue.

Seemingly as a reaction to the fact that most DIY spaces fizzle out reasonably quickly for one reason or another, Powell builds off of that reality and gets creative on what a typical show space could be. As Brit told the City Paper’s Jonathan Fischer back in May, “It’s kind of cooler when there’s no predetermined feeling about the environment, when you can move from one [venue] to the other. It’s fresh, it’s more interesting.” His hope was that an event like this could inspire other kids in town to do something similar, rather than simply lamenting the city’s lack of consistent DIY spaces.

The Million Man Tire Blowout featured great performances all around, with sets by Diane Cluck, Swamp Fox, Susan Alcorn & Janel Leppin, Macaw and Cigarette. Good food, mellow tunes, experimental projections, near perfect weather and a healthy mix of music fans and neighborhood folks, all made for a successful combination.


  1. phil

    Susan Alcorn is awesome! Cool harmony

  2. JBF

    cool event, nice work.

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