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Olympia, WA quintet LAKE has returned with a new album, Giving & Receiving, their third with K Records. This time around the band tends toward a mellow, loungy mood for the record, but with a few funky grooves.

And despite some material here about the BP Gulf spill or the almost eerie lyrics on “Skeleton Costume,” the songs on Giving seem to to keep a warm and positive vibe. While the album is packed with sugary melodies, the multipart harmonies and elaborate but not overly polished arrangements give off a sophisticated, yet handmade feel; with some songs at times almost recalling Stereolab or Belle & Sebastian. Mostly a self-produced effort, the band got an assist from Calvin Johnson and Karl Blau for engineering and mixing the record.

Recently, while on tour for Giving & Receiving, the band stopped through the District and treated the crowd to a solid performance that we’re happy to be able to share with you here.

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