The Chapin Sisters

Author: Raul

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Despite coming from such a musical family, the Chapin Sisters haven’t always planned on following in the footsteps of their famous kin. As the daughters and nieces of singer-songwriters Tom Chapin and Harry Chapin, respectively, the sisters grew up surrounded by music, but followed other pursuits as teens.

Ultimately, the songs called them back, and they came together to form the band. They initially made a name for themselves with a sound largely comprised of acoustic guitars, haunting melodies and perfect harmonies, and covers of some interesting source material that included pop hits by Britney Spears and 50 Cent. This time around, the Chapins are introducing a slightly fuller sound on their recently released second album, aptly titled Two – which could just as easily reference the album’s chronology as it could the fact that they are now a two-piece, with half-sister Jessica largely absent and following other pursuits.

Two was crafted with the help of Gang Gang Dance drummer Jesse Lee and Louie Stephens of Rooney on production, adding to the more layered sound this time around. The Chapins have spent the bulk of this year on tour, both in support of She & Him and as members of the band. But this fall, they struck out on their own, and we happened to catch up with them during their Arlington date.

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