Lions and Tigers and Whales: The Fury of Reckless Recluses

Author: Denman

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“Bill Arthur at the Galaxy Hut dubbed us the best D.C. band you cannot hear. Bummed me right out.” I didn’t need to be in the physical presence of Lions and Tigers and Whales frontman, Bill Sirl to hear this roll off the tongue in his typically dry-witted, monotone cadence. I myself have only seen the group perform once. However, between that and the rough demo tracks I was sent beforehand, I was instantly relegated to the die-hard section of the fan club. Embracing all of the grittier aspects of mid 90’s post-hardcore (LT&W have clearly taken up residence in the city of Gravity Records, and surely must hang out on the weekends at the neighborhood bar with Born Against, and Clickatat Ikatowi), carried through conduits of veterans of the modern hardcore scene, Lions, Tigers, & Whales are a thicket of ferocity mixed with calculated technique. All of this neatly folded into the fact that the group instantly clicked from their first meeting make Lions and Tigers and Whales a sonic force to be reckoned with.

Between their quirk for bills, and in a way, their sparsity of live performances (which land as solid punches to the gut), L&T&W may well be the prize bird-watching sight of the DMV. (Not to mention a recent accident that has left their drummer out of commission for a while.) All is not lost for access to their music, however, as they have already filed into the studio to lay down four explosive tracks for a soon-to-be self released 7”. They invited me to come along and share their experience. Between the candid and the mundane, it went a little something like in the clip above.

The group plans to hit the ground running soon,  as they play on Dec. 17 at the Rock N Roll Hotel with other notable D.C. stage-igniters, Beasts of No Nation (who it is also rumored they may record a split with). From there, they are hoping to be hosted by the Galaxy Hut for their record release show and continue onward at full steam.

Incidentally, to whet your appetite, the track being produced in the video is called, “Victories at Large,” and you lucky reader, can be privy to a preview of the mastered version that will be on the 7”, right here.

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