Nine:Fifteen, "Dr. Johnson"

Author: Raul


Continuing the grind, Nine:Fifteen has just dropped a video for their latest single, “Dr. Johnson,” off of last year’s debut, Electric Blanket. The track features vocalist Bisquite alternating between goin’ ham and giving a mellow, monotone delivery laid over a gritty, yet airy Blake 9 groover.

Shot and edited by Bisquite, the rugged, roughly cut visuals compliment the track rather well, weaving found footage in and around his brooding, handheld shots.


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  2. Thanks All Our Noise. You all know you the illest blog.

  3. Real smooth record… hypnotic visuals, it hits you like a mellow buzz.

    Like your second beer on a rooftop lounge.

  4. Michelle

    Nice, Blake 9 (Superstar!)

  5. Neena

    This new shit sucks. Glam pop is so dead. There old stuff is so much better dude. WHAT THE FUCK YO!

  6. Neena, you spelled “Their” wrong.

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