Beach Fossils

Author: Raul


Back-To-School signs are slowly starting to crowd us as a young August begins to gain its footing. And as we enter this final stretch of summer, some of us are realizing that while we felt the blistering heat just as much as everyone else, we might have forgotten to take any actual time off.

But this year has certainly produced its fair share of summery coolbreeze records and tours to soundtrack at least a virtual vacation. Bands like Real Estate, Toro y Moi, Washed Out, and even the godfather of chillwave, Ariel Pink, have done their damndedst to keep it mellow this year.

Add to that very abridged list chilled out classmates Beach Fossils out of Brooklyn, who in many ways share a similar vibe to the aforementioned bands. Led by Dustin Payseur, his shimmering lo-fi bedroom compositions are washed in a verbed out dream haze, his songs laid back but never lazy.

Earlier this summer, he brought his band through D.C. on a tour with Frog Eyes. The trio was backed by drum machine beats while their drummer was temporarily MIA, but it in no way diminished their tunes, comprised of melodic bass lines beautifully weaving around clean single notes picked on guitar.

So, for those of us who aren’t able to pull away for a proper vacation, at the very least we still have the ability to create a summer playlist from the comfort of our own desktop. But even though the Beach Fossils self-titled debut is a nice fit for that mix, there’s more than a good chance that you will still be listening to the record well beyond the falling leaves.

Beach Fossils return this weekend with Here We Go Magic for a mainstage show at the Black Cat – Sunday, August 8. $12


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