Pocahaunted: Live In D.C.

Author: Raul


A couple weeks ago, Pocahaunted descended upon our District during their tour of the east coast . As the band took to the front of the room at DC9, the crowd watched on as the stage began to take on a transformation into a mystical space. It was as if, rather than a musical performance about to take place, we were preparing for some sort of undefined traditional ritual.

Flowing fabrics draping from the ceiling, beads and various tchotchkes dangling from instruments and mic stands. Within the first few minutes of the drummers count-off, the band’s intentions were laid out in no uncertain terms.

They locked into a groove; drums, bass and keys had their way with the audience, with the three front-women trading off vocal melodies as the music formally seduced anyone one lucky enough to be in the room at the moment.

Their latest album, Make It Real is available now from Not Not Fun.


  1. jdc

    killing me with the OD editing SHIT IS ALWAYS RETARDED

  2. bsc

    OD editing? What is that ACRONYMS ARE ALWAYS RETARDED

  3. I actually dig the editing. I know it’s something we’ve seen before, but it definitely has the appropriate tone of the footage and it’s not over used.

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