Washed Out

Author: Raul


Six months can seem like an eternity in the blogosphere, and for Ernest Greene, it’s barely been little longer than that since his project Washed Out was plucked from relative obscurity to being championed by outlets ranging from random blogs, to Pitchfork (Best New Music for “Feel It All Around”) to the Wall Street Journal.

In March, Washed Out kicked off his inaugural tour, hitting the road with another “chillwave” contemporary, Brooklyn’s Small Black, who recently released a full-length on Jagjaguwar. Before this tour, the two acts had never actually met, only having exchanged remixes over the web.

While Small Black consists of four members playing bass, drums, and keys, Ernest’s compositions are decidedly a solo affair, including the few live performances he had prior to this tour.

On the road now, in addition to sets of their own songs, Small Black has been doing double duty, serving as a backing band to Washed Out. A significant change from Ernest writing these songs alone in his bedroom.

The songs are woozy and drugged-out, 70s & 80s soft rock jams filtered through a hazy incomplete memory. But in this setting the tracks are now emboldened by the energy of a live band, adding a bit of bounce to the jams.

Talking to Ernest, despite enjoying the solitary process that originally birthed Washed Out, he seems to be adapting rather well to playing with Small Black. So we might be seeing more live instrumentation incorporated into Washed Out as his new tracks come together.


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