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On Tuesday, April 20, Sebastian Krueger (aka Inlets) unleashes to the world his debut album, Inter Arbiter. Picking up where his 2006 EP, Vestibule, left off, Krueger has spent the last few years slowly nurturing and refining his latest effort.

Released online for free, Vestibule was met with a wide range of praise from the blogosphere, allowing him to step apart from his role as backing band member for My Brightest Diamond and to the forefront with Inlets.

On Inter Arbiter, Krueger, a multi-instrumentalist, juggles woodwinds, brass, and guitars, and shows his skill as a talented arranger. As we’ve mentioned on a previous post, Krueger is often joined by various musicians who help him flesh out his compositions, and Inter Arbiter features performances by members of Dirty Projectors and Beirut’s Zach Condon.

We had originally scheduled a session with Inlets back in February, but our plans (just like everyone else’s) were thwarted by crippling snowfalls that paralyzed the east coast this winter. Fortunately, Sebastian’s tour was rescheduled, and so was our session.

The band shares some exclusive versions of a couple of songs off of Inter Arbiter, “Canteen,” and the first single from the record, “Bright Orange Air.”

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