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With so many bands today coming out of absolutely nowhere and sweeping the attention of the blogosphere, it’s pretty refreshing when you come across an act that is taking the more traditional working route.

Over the last 6 years, Warpaint has been working steadily; honing their craft & sharpening their weapons. The band first made a name for themselves back home in Los Angeles, playing clubs non-stop, gaining the attention and making fans of some pretty high profile folks, like Justin Timberlake and RZA. Over the last year they’ve taken their show far and wide, including an upcoming European tour in the spring.

With guitarists Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg and her sister Shannyn Sossamon on drums, rather than rush any material, the quartet has kept plugging along, refining their sound over the years and ultimately producing the material that would comprise their debut EP Exquisite Corpse, originally self-released, but re-released through Manimal Vinyl in 2009.

The EP, mixed by John Frusciante, is at times dark and moody, and blends beautiful vocal harmonies into their jazzy, psychedelic rock grooves.

Just last fall, after wowing fans and writers at CMJ, Rough Trade decided to scoop these ladies up and release their full-length album. Though touring extensively, they are in the process of putting the finishing touches on the record during their breaks back at home, and it should be available later this year.

Earlier this month, the band passed through our part of the world on their way down to Austin, and they were gracious enough to invite us backstage for a chat. We spoke at length about the glue that binds them together, and how playing out so much these last couple of years has been crucial to their strength as a band.

We were also introduced to the newest member of the band, drummer Stella Mozgawa. After Shannyn’s departure, drums became a rotating chair for the band, but they are pretty certain now with Stella, the band is once again complete.


  1. holy crap, best band i’ve seen this year, saw them open for Akron/Family then again at SXSW, they’re swinging back through houston in april, i think the whole indie scene in houston is abuzz about it too. Tightest rhythm section i’ve seen in awhile, and its two girls! holy crap!


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