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Last month, as the majority of the east coast was busy digging themselves out of the snow drifts, Swedish folk-pop duo Fredrik landed upon our shores and embarked on a tour in support of their album, Trilogi. This latest effort, as the name implies, is comprised of 3 EPs that were released previously in limited quantities.

When we last saw the band, they were touring as a 6-piece with chamber-pop tendencies woven into their dreamy folk. This time around they’ve economized the band into a slender two-piece, yet losing none of the delicate and refined beauty in their compositions. Building atmosphere with loops, samples, synth washes and fuzzy vocals, their music paints a perfect dreamscape.

On the second night in DC, Fredrik stripped things down even further and shared with us an acoustic version of “Viskra,” from Trilogi.

Check out the video for the original version of the song uptop.

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