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From Independence to Community Through Music: Sockets Records

Author: Denman


On a sleepy, rainy Sunday afternoon, I sat down with Sean Peoples, the creator and prime mover of thriving DC label, Sockets Records, to talk about that very same said thing. The obvious catalyst being the, somewhat, five year celebratory, upcoming label showcase at the Black Cat.

Peoples expressed minor concerns about his shape to do an interview, since he was in headlong recovery from the previous evening’s two-year anniversary of his, also hugely successful, Fatback dance night. After I sympathized, explaining that a simple, ”What’s up?” an hour earlier had thrown me for a five minute, grasping for thoughts, loop, we sat down, and proceeded to have a fantastic conversation about music, community, running your own label, this exciting period in DC, and, of course, a whole host of great musicians, such as those to be featured at the January 22nd showcase:
The Cornel West TheoryHumeImperial ChinaBuildingsBig Gold Belt

Incidentally, the rest of the important details of that evening are:

Sockets Records Showcase
Fri Jan 22
On the Black Cat Mainstage
9:00 PM

And you can purchase tickets here.


  1. Sean P keeping it real, refusing to front. Is there anything this guy doesn’t do?

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