Brendan Canty Performing with Video Artist Brent Green

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If you’re keeping tabs on Fugazi members, this might interest you; an article in Tokion’s January issue pointed out that video artist Brent Green of Nervous Films, occasionally performs live and when he does, Fugazi’s drummer, Brendan Canty heads up the percussion section.

As a director, Brent Green uses stop-motion animation, hand-drawn titles and his own narration to create dark, art-house films that are beautiful and foreboding at the same time. Brendan Canty is an accomplished DC musician known for his contributions to DC’s emo/hardcore music scene as a singer for Rites of Spring and drummer for Fugazi.

Green’s next live show on the east coast will be May 6th, 2010 at the MoMA in New York. Here’s one of Green’s many videos available on his web site, entitled “Susa’s Red Ears”:

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