Ryan McLaughlin of Typefighter

Author: Raul


Happy New year everyone, hope you all survived the debauch of the holidays. December is always tough for keeping focused, what with everyone in celebration mode.

But as the date shifts from nine to ten, it’s time to hit the ground running, and here at AON, we’re all eager to get to work on what’s next.

This Wednesday, we’re celebrating the 2010 grind and you are all invited. We’ve put together a line-up featuring a couple of our favorite bands in town, and introducing to you an out of town band made up of some former long-time residents: Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray.

Typefighter, who played our Fringe Fest showcase back in the summer, will be joining us on Wednesday night with a host of new tunes.

Fronted by Ryan McLaughlin, their indie-folk pop ranges from slight and sparse, with vocals backed only by toy instruments or autoharp, to a full sea of sound when the rest of the band joins in — guitarist Erik Anderson, bassist John Crum, Kevin Moquin on guitar and banjo, Will Waikart on drums, and Mary Voutsas on piano and vocals.

A few weeks ago, we were invited into maison du Typefighter by Ryan, who played for us a few of their new songs. We’ve got a couple of those tunes here for you, including “Foolish Bastards,” which features Ryan’s mom singing backing vox on this version.

So, we’re looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, for sure. Tomorrow we’ll have some more show teasers, when we feature a session with Child Ballads.


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