Child Ballads

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On Saturday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel, Stewart Lupton — the Icarus of D.C. rock mythology — took a look back at his career thus far, and said it was good. Then he resolved to keep pushing forward as a musician and poet, and as Lex Paulson began chiming in with a familiar tune from his Wurlitzer, Lupton began singing “We Gamble With Our Lives,” whose introductory lyrics reference Marion Barry’s infamous hotel room sting.

This is the man Stewart Lupton has become. He has acknowledged his mistakes, lumped them with his experiences, and made them work for the benefit of his art. We at AON had been trying to work with him for a long time, ever since the Thornley brothers from U.S. Royalty brought him as a surprise guest to our Fringe Fest showcase last year.

We finally got our chance, and boy, was it worth the wait. Stewart and Lex, accompanied by Jesse Rivkin on bass guitar and drummer Misha Alexander played some amazing songs for us. Check out the solo “My Rifle, My Pony and Me” from Stewart’s record with Carole Greenwood as The Beatin’s, and after the jump you can hear the whole band play “Cold Black Sea.”

Or, you can do one better and come to our show this Wednesday to see them live with Typefighter and Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray.

One Comment

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