The Curious Mystery

Author: Raul

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AON’s Bite Sized series features exclusive performances and clips of live sets shot at Comet Ping Pong. Featuring a combination of touring bands and local talent, our hope is that this series helps to give you a taste of what goes on at a venue on the rise in the District.

I’ve long been a fan of K Records, from Beat Happening and the Make Up, to Mirah, Microphones/Mount Eerie, Little Wings and the Blow. But I admit that over the last year or two, save for couple of artists, I’ve let K slide out from under my radar.

However, they still remain one of my all time favorite labels; several of the artists have been very influential to me in my own music.

This year, they’ve put out several great releases by some excellent artists. Karl Blau, a more recent addition to the K roster despite his long time association with the label, LAKE, Jeremy Jay, Ian Svenonius’ Chain & The Gang, and Desolation Wilderness all kicked out some great tunes.

One of my favorite records of this year was made by The Curious Mystery, which made me take notice once again of this old friend who I’d been neglecting. Their album is a blend of 60′s psych, folk, blues and garage, with spatterings of country and spaghetti western weirdness.

As we continue to dig ourselves out of the snow here on the east coast, their western desert drones help to thaw us out. We were lucky enough to catch them last month at Comet, and bring to you a bite sized chunk of their set.

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