Tickley Feather

Author: Raul


If you were to wake up in an underwater dream, you might find that it’s scored by Tickley Feather.

While lo-fi has run the range of necessity due to limited resources, to a conscious and fashionable aesthetic, Annie Sachs has stayed the course with her Tickley Feather project, driving the music through yesterday’s technology in order to preserve a certain intimacy and texture.

The combination of verbed out vocals, dreamy, vintage synths, slow and fuzzy guitar tones, and simple drum machine backing beats might somewhat recall Beach House, or even her (now former) label-mate, Ariel Pink with his early Joe Meek-demo, vintage pop vibe.

A few weeks ago, they came through DC just before their heading off to Europe. Tickley Feather played an awesome set along with Talk Normal and DC’s own Soft Power as part of WVAU’s Capital Punishment series at American University.

Annie and the band were kind enough to play a couple songs for us before the show, and we set up in AU’s Kay Chapel for some amazing natural reverb. Our schedule was tight, and we had a few technical difficulties, but the result was beautiful.

While Tickley Feather launched out of Philadelphia, Annie has recently returned to her rural Virginia roots (though her bandmates stayed in Philly). Hopefully we’ll get to see more of her around these parts. For now, make sure to catch her this Thursday, when she comes back to DC in support of her latest album on Paw Tracks, Hors d’Oeuvres at DC9, with Toro Y Moi and Future Islands.


  1. Splendid.

  2. dcpoast

    i think my heart just broke–annie is divine

  3. i think annie lives in staunton now right? the split 7 inch with bermuda triangles on cnp is good: http://www.cnprecords.com/bermudatriangles.htm

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