On Set: Paul Michel, "Surround Me"

Author: Raul


Paul Michel has been a steady fixture in the DC music scene over the last decade. Having played in bands such as The Out_Circuit, The Hard Tomorrows, and Georgie James among others, and for most of that time, a solo artist in his own right. I’ve known Paul for just as long, sharing many mutual friends and the undergrad experience in Blacksburg, Va.

Paul’s third full-length, JUNE, will be released in Spring of 2010. But you can get a taste of the new album tonight when Saki hosts the video premiere for “Surround Me,” the first single from the record. The club owners were gracious enough to open their venue to the crew for shooting the video, with Saki serving as a setting for one of the main scenes.

We got to hang out on the set during some of the production of the video, getting an inside look into the making of “Surround Me”. Director Patrick Taylor–whose Ddot Films produced the piece, and who also plays in the band Caverns–shared with us his artistic vision for the video. Not the typical indie-rock video, Paul gave us a bit of background on how it all came together.

The video will be playing a few times over the course of the evening, so be sure to stop by and check it out. The party is free to get in, with things kicking off around 9:30. Our behind the scenes feature should serve as a bit of a primer for what to expect, as well as a quick sampling of the single.

Saki is at 18th and Columbia Rd. NW


  1. Check out the video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSSSLEG_hRk

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