Julie Doiron + Herman Dune

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Last week was jam packed with great shows–Kurt Vile, Tickley Feather, Talk Normal, Thao Nguyen, Le Loup, X.O., Real Estate, and a bunch of others.

DC9 hosted one of the best shows of the week with Julie Doiron & Herman Dune, who were traveling together on a two-week tour through Canada and the East Coast.

Julie Doiron–who some of you might remember as a member of Eric’s Trip, or her more recent collaboration with Mt. Eerie on the Lost Wisdom album–has steadily been on tour since her latest album, I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, was released back in March.

While she’s put out a fair amount of quiet solo records, she feels wrongly typecast as a quiet singer/songwriter. Her latest album captures more of the rock band feel of her live shows over the last couple of years. The album was recorded with Fred Squire, who she’s played with for several years, and produced/engineered by Eric’s Trip bandmate Rick White. This particular leg of the tour however, finds her alone again for the most part, but joined by the Herman Dunes live as a backing band on a few tracks.

Herman Dune first came to my attention as a part of New York’s Anti-Folk scene, touring and recording alongside the likes of  Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson. Back in 2002 or so, an English friend of mine shared an early tape of theirs with me, pitching them as a John Peel favorite. Their quirky lo-fi folk rather  appealed to me as at the time I was becoming better acquainted with a lot of their New York collaborators.

Both Julie and the Herman Dunes took some time to sit down with us backstage for a quick chat before the show. Herman Dune is based in Paris these days, but they still very much love playing to American audiences. And as David Herman Dune stated, there was the added bonus of playing in Washington, DC for the first time ever. Previous tours have brought the band nearby to Silver Spring or Arlington, but last week was the first time they played within the city limits. Hopefully David was finally able to see Abraham Lincoln’s statue before leaving town.

I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day is out now on Jagjaguwar. Herman Dune’s  Next Year In Zion is out on Everlong Records.


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