Le Loup

Author: Raul


A few weeks ago, Le Loup‘s second album, Family, came out on Sub Pop’s Hardly Art imprint. Considering the band’s beginnings as a bedroom project started by Sam Simkoff, the title could accurately be taken as alluding to their evolution as a band.

Over the last two years, a modified version of their touring lineup (which formerly featured May Tabol of Pree), has emerged. There’s a tighter integration here between the five core players this time around, and each member contributes vocals and songwriting to the record.

And Family is a much more organic affair than its predecessor. There are still plenty of samples, and vocal loops help to create a certain harmonic density. But the basics of voice, guitar, drums and bass are more elemental to these compositions. Thus, even through the more experimental soundscapes there remains a very natural feeling that permeates.

A few weeks ago, just before heading out on tour, the band invited over to preview their new material. We spent the afternoon in a Maryland basement just around the corner from Glen Echo Park where many of these new songs were recorded for the album.

On Saturday, November 7, the band hits the stage at the Black Cat for the final stop on their tour and in celebration of their album release. Their former bandmate  May starts off the night with an opening set by Pree, so this truly will be a family affair.


  1. Love it.

  2. Charlene Stroman

    Hey Jim,

    You guys sound great! You are on your way. Sorry I can’t go to your show, but much success to you.

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