The Cornel West Theory: Second Rome

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For many creative minds in the District, there’s a constant struggle to make art or to present ideas that can exist outside of the prevailing established political character that has always defined this city. But artists such as The Cornel West Theory remind us that these things needn’t be mutually exclusive. Art can and should be used to promote political activism, and — as evidenced through The CWT — without sacrificing creativity, integrity or groove.

Artists stand in a unique position that allows for the creation and dissemination of a message that can carry across a wide audience; reaching out to people in ways where traditional political outlets fall short.

The Cornel West Theory, with the blessing of Dr. West himself, uses some of his pro-active teachings as a launchpad to promote political and social change, and justice for all peoples. Through a mix of hip-hop, soul, R&B, jazz, rock and go-go their music strives to give voice to all those disadvantaged.

Dr. West’s writings serve as a cornerstone for the band’s ideologies, as they strive to educate and provoke awareness to all about social injustices and the plight of the poor. Washington DC, as a cultural and social cross roads, is the perfect backdrop for the band as they provide the soundtrack for activism.

The band’s debut album, Second Rome, is out now on Sockets. They celebrated the album release with a banging set played to a packed house at Liv last month, and featured a special guest appearance by Dr. Cornel West.


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