BLK JKS Meet The Laughing Man

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This Saturday, The Laughing Man return to play their doo-wopy, catastrophic blues for all of you at Comet Ping Pong. They have been pretty active over the last few months, but soak it up while you can.

The boys have also been hard at work committing their efforts to tape, both actual and virtual, so this might be your last chance to catch them live for some time.

Last week, they put on what might be their most memorable performance to date, assembling a cast of guest collaborators from some other local stand outs–the ladies of Noon:30 and Patrick of Ra Ra Rasputin–rounding out their line-up for the evening. This incarnation of the band stepped up the sound with fuller instrumentation and vocals, making for a great lead-in to the headliners of the evening:Â South African avant rockers BLK JKS.

The BLK JKS have had a pretty good year it seems. 2009 has seen their EP Mystery and debut full length After Robots released on Secretly Canadian, a couple of US tours, and overall, a pretty welcoming reception to their work on our shores. Most reviews of their music will attempt to cram in a ton of other genres or bands for reference into the description of their music, but it is true they cover a lot of ground. From prog to psych rock to hardcore, to jazz and dub (yeah, yeah, I know) they soak up a range of western music and ring it out through local rhythms.

But while it is the medium through which they express their voices, their influences and inspiration expands well beyond just music. We sat down with both bands backstage at the Cat and everyone just kicked back to talk about their experiences, their influences, and most of all, the importance of staying on your grind.

After Robots is available now on Secretly CanadianThe Laughing Man plays Comet Ping Pong Saturday, October 10th, with Former Ghosts (feat. Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu)

One Comment

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