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AON’s Bite Sized series features exclusive performances and clips of live sets shot at Comet Ping Pong. Featuring a combination of touring bands and local talent, our hope is that this series helps to give you a taste of what goes on at a venue on the rise in the District.

DC is probably still most often noted for its 80s and 90s hardcore and punk bands, but the boys in Shortstack are doing their best to remind us of a time when bluegrass, country, and folk reigned supreme in this town. Their roots extend through Appalachia and up north into Pennsylvania, but for the last decade they’ve been refining their sound here in our fair District.

Their music has evolved in such a way so as to fuse an almost punk energy with a ragged and raw proto-rock-n-roll, exemplifying a spare, dark and desolate Southern Gothic aesthetic. Their sound recalls David Eugene Edwards’ work with 16 Horsepower, or sometimes the gritter Bloodshot bands.

Shortstack’s first record was a self-titled effort for Planaria Records in 2002, followed by The History Of Cut Nails In America recorded for the whirlwind Gypsy Eyes. Both of these records along with their Covers EP from last year are all definitely worth getting your hands on (completists should add their noteworty 7″s to their collection as well). And if you get a chance, their live set is highly recommended. This clip above is from a recent set they played at Comet.

Speaking of which, Comet’s got a pretty great roster of artists coming through this fall, so make sure to check the schedule and mark your calendars. And, keep checking back for our next installment in the Bite Sized series.

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